Is there life after the World Cup? I had not asked myself this question since 1990, when the World Cup took place in Italy and I was still a child with a love affair with football. On the 3rd of July 1990 (I hadn’t realised it was the same date as today), Italy got kicked out of the World Cup they hosted as Argentina won the semifinal on penalty kicks. On that night I cried like a kid (well, I was a kid) wandering around the holiday resort where I was staying with my cousin and her family, not only because Italy was out but because I was feeling the end of the World Cup coming, after so many months (years maybe) of excitement and expectations preceding it. I cried so much that everyone was laughing at me (but okay, I was a kid) and my father took me to see Italy play the game for the third place against England, which was taking place in our hometown. I still don’t know how much it cost him (papà, you can tell me now! And I really appreciate it).

After so many years, wow! This World Cup is a wonder, just because of the amazing people surrounding me, after so many years I’m enjoying every match and wondering what life will be when the World Cup is over. Will it still be summer? How will we spend our days? So stupid and so amazing at the same time to worry about this 🙂

Of course there will be life, our life was great and busy before. But wow, I’m so much enjoying this. And Italy is not even taking part 😉
Anyway, I say it now: in my ideal world, the final will be Croatia vs Belgium, and Croatia will win. But I will also be happy if Belgium wins. But in the real world, the final will be France vs Brazil, and France will win. (Although my bet at the beginning of the tournament was for Brazil. In spite of Neymar, I can’t stand him!!)

P.S. it was also the 3rd of July as France kicked Italy out in the penalties in the quarter finals of the World Cup that France hosted and won. And that was the day of my graduation from high school. Exactly 20 years ago today. Just realised 🙂

P.P.S. It turns out that a France vs Brazil final is not possible, I had not checked the chart properly! Then I don’t know anymore…

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