Last day on my current job after 1,5 years. “Do you already have something lined up?”, they ask me. I have a few ideas for my future, I say. Are they good ideas? Will it all work out? I don’t know. Are you worried about the future? Not at all. I have already started again in four different countries, and now that I’m not even going to leave the city that I now call home, I feel I have nothing to be afraid of.

This day is so different to my farewell to the Embassy where I worked for seven years, less than three years ago. At least to the people around me, that farewell seemed like a harakiri, some sort of suicide they could not explain. But I didn’t even kill that part of me then. I am still the girl who used to write speeches for the ambassador and start the day by writing press summaries even before breakfast. And I will still be the girl who assists young Italian and Spanish skaters with their purchases – even if I haven’t got round to learning how to skate.

No, I am not my job. I am my experience, my talents, my interests. For sure I will find my way to the next step. Once you’ve been out there alone one time without too much of a safety net, you can do it again and again. The next pages are blank. The future is yet to be written. I love this feeling.


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