Elfter Elfter

It’s the 11th of November, or, at least, it’s still the 11th of November in my current time zone, and this means a few things:

    • today marks three years since I moved to Germany, and I hope there will be many more years to come to live a good life in my beloved Münster;
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A tale of mortgages, climbing shoes, and things left behind

[Versione italiana qui]

On Saturday afternoon I was walking through the city centre, wearing my beloved FC Bayern jersey, enjoying the rays of light of such a wonderfully warm October day, happily greeting numerous friends and acquaintances along the way. I was walking fast to reach the place where we were going to watch the Bundesliga match, so I could not stop and chat with anyone for more than one minute. I was hopeful that we would win and put an end to a short but painful series of disappointing matches. Continua a leggere


Last day on my current job after 1,5 years. “Do you already have something lined up?”, they ask me. I have a few ideas for my future, I say. Are they good ideas? Will it all work out? I don’t know. Are you worried about the future? Not at all. I have already started again in four different countries, and now that I’m not even going to leave the city that I now call home, I feel I have nothing to be afraid of. Continua a leggere

Love affair

Is there life after the World Cup? I had not asked myself this question since 1990, when the World Cup took place in Italy and I was still a child with a love affair with football. On the 3rd of July 1990 (I hadn’t realised it was the same date as today), Italy got kicked out of the World Cup they hosted as Argentina won the semifinal on penalty kicks. On that night I cried like a kid (well, I was a kid) wandering around the holiday resort where I was staying with my cousin and her family, not only because Italy was out but because I was feeling the end of the World Cup coming, after so many months (years maybe) of excitement and expectations preceding it. I cried so much that everyone was laughing at me (but okay, I was a kid) and my father took me to see Italy play the game for the third place against England, which was taking place in our hometown. I still don’t know how much it cost him (papà, you can tell me now! And I really appreciate it). Continua a leggere

There is no space and time

In Italy it’s father’s day today. My brother just sent me a photo of him and my father. Just taken, I guess.

I hardly ever feel like this but now I don’t know why, I’m in the office with tears in my eyes because I can’t just go home for a few hours and have dinner with them and then go back to my life. Continua a leggere

The treasure map

Last night my mum reminded me that 12 years have already passed since my graduation day (yes, I’m an old woman). Although I studied (and enjoyed) English and German language and literature (and some French), I don’t think at the time I realised how wonderful it is to learn languages, and what a huge power it gives you.

For many years after my graduation, English became, in a way, my “second mother tongue”, but I totally forgot the others that I had been lazily learning. Continua a leggere

Una vita all’altezza

[English below]

Sto iniziando a credere che abbiamo sbagliato tutto. Abbiamo sbagliato a inseguire a tutti i costi la realizzazione personale tramite il lavoro.

I miei genitori hanno lavorato (e mia madre lavora ancora tanto) tutta la vita con passione a qualcosa in cui hanno creduto profondamente, la loro ricerca scientifica. Conosco poche persone fortunate come loro. Continua a leggere